Additional Fees

Package prices are designed around average length and image count. If your book has additional words, images, or footnotes, or if your book is very complex, you may encounter extra formatting fees. This ensures that longer, more complex books get the same high-quality formatting as those of average length.

Word Count

All packages include formatting for 100,000 words.

If your book or manuscript exceeds this number, we have a flat rate of $0.0018 per additional word. This means that a 125,000 word book would incur an extra formatting fee of $45 (25,000 X 0.0018 = 45).

When you place an order, we will ask for an estimated word count. We will charge an additional word count fee based on your estimation. Once you upload your book, we will conduct an assessment that will give us an exact word count. If the exact word count is greater than your estimated word count, we will charge you for the extra words before we proceed with formatting. If it is less than the estimated word count, we will refund you the difference.

The best way to avoid an additional word count charge after placing your order is to provide us with as accurate a word count as possible. If your book is available as a Word document, this is easy. Simply use the word count feature. If you have a PDF, you can count the number of words on one page and multiply that by the total number of pages for a good estimate. Or, if your computer is capable, you can export your PDF to Word and then use the word count feature.

Image Count

All packages include formatting for 10-20 images.

Images include any photographs, cartoons, charts, or diagrams within the text of your book. Your cover is not included in this count. From time to time an author may want to include colored or stylized text (such as a fancy chapter heading). Since eBooks are not capable of dislpaying text in this way, we would render any special text as an image, which would also count toward your total.

We have a $3.00 fee per image after the included amount with your package. Like word count, we will ask for an estimated image count at the time you place your order and add the additional charge if necessary. After our assessment, if the actual image count differs from the estimated image count, we will charge or refund you accordingly.


All packages include formatting for 10-20 footnotes.

All footnotes will be converted to endnotes that will appear at the end of each chapter, and we will include hyperlinks within the text to each footnote, making it easy for readers to quickly jump to the footnote and back while reading. Because of the work that goes into creating each footnote, we charge $1.00 for each additional footnote after the amount included with your package. Like words and images, we will ask for your estimated number of footnotes when you place your order. If the actual number differs from your estimate, we will charge or refund you the appropriate amount.

PDF Conversion

Added to your total at time of order.

PDFs can be very difficult to turn into eBooks, more so than other file formats like Word or InDesign. Often they need a lot of extra work to get them into shape before we can even start formatting. We charge a $30 PDF Conversion fee to cover the additional hand-formatting necessary to ensure your PDF's accurate conversion to our eBook platform.

Image Extraction

Not included in package price.

All images that you would like to appear in your eBook should be uploaded as separate JPG files. However, if you would like Publish Green to extract your images from your manuscript for you, save them as individual JPGs, and upload them to your account, the cost is $2.00 per image. Read more about Image Guidelines.

Document Complexity

Not included in package price.

Occasionally, a book may have extensive interior formatting such as:

  • many bulleted, numbered, or lettered lists;
  • lots of bold and italic words scattered throughout the text;
  • many call-out quotes;
  • lots of centered text;
  • colored text;
  • many hyperlinks;
  • many sections and sub-sections.

During the Assessment stage of the process, Publish Green will review the file that you upload to determine if there is Document Complexity. You will be notified of any additional Document Complexity fees at the time of Assessment. If your book contains three or more of the items listed above, you may have Document Complexity. Please contact us if you have questions about how Document Complexity may apply to your manuscript, or if you would like us to do an assessment of your book before moving forward with a full package.

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