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Choosing a Domain Name for Your Author Website

For months, maybe years, you’ve labored over your eBook. You’ve done the research, written the story, and read and reread it until you were blue in the face. Now, your eBook is published and ready for the vast online world to discover it. Make that discovery process simple by choosing a domain name for your book’s website that is clear, straightforward and will aid detection.

The first step in choosing a domain name is determining how you want to be identified. Do you want to be identified by the title of your eBook, your name or pen name, or the subject of your book? The identification you choose will be translated into your domain name. As you decide exactly what you’d like your domain name to be, remember to keep it simple. Your domain names should be short, easy to spell and easy to remember. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid using punctuation or numbers in your domain name.

When you choosing a domain name, consider buying more than one. You can purchase 5-10 domain names that contain parts of your book title, your name, or the type of your book (this lowers the risk of confusion). When they’ve never before been registered or have registrations that have expired, domain names are pretty cheap (about $8-$10 a piece). You can also buy via auction a recycled domain name (check out,, and; however, these domain names are often more expensive (often over $100) than original names. It may be worth it, if it’s the perfect name. But beware when prices start to climb above $100 -- your money may be better spent elsewhere.

Search for available domain names through Your first few choices may be already taken, though, so make sure you have a few in mind before you search. If a name is taken, you can view its owner and expiration date. If it is available, there will be a link to, where you can purchase it.

Realize that “.com”’s are the diamonds of domain names. Because of this, many .com names are already taken. Keep searching, and don’t settle for a .net or a .biz unless you have a prodigious amount of internet marketing experience. If you have a .com, it will be easier for your readers and potential buyers to find and remember you. Once your book starts to gain a solid following, you will be glad you have a .com.

When you are choosing a domain name, check out Facebook and Twitter to see if your domain name of choice is available as a handle. Having coordinated Facebook, Twitter and website names makes for a much more streamlined process (but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t make it happen).

All else aside, memorability is vital. You want people to remember you and your book, and you want that memory to be formed come quickly and easily. When choosing a domain name, remember that above all else, it must be memorable so it sticks!

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