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eBook Reviews - The Hows and Whys of Getting Them

eBook reviews are a good way to get attention and publicity for your eBook. They’re an important aspect of the marketing side of publication. But what exactly does that mean? What kinds of reviews do you need to get, how do you go about getting them, and where do you begin?

First of all, why are reviews so important? Why should you care so much about how people deemed “credible” and “important” by the general public perceive your book? Well, primarily, it’s all about exposure. You want the news of your eBook to spread, especially when it’s good news. By yourself, you can boost such publicity through important people you know personally, word-of-mouth, and online reviews. However, you may want to enlist the help of a publicist when you’re seeking eBook reviews by media outlets where you do not have any personal contacts; a publicist can increase both the quantity and the quality of your book’s publicity and coverage.

Some reviews are informal blurbs written by Amazon aficionados who’ve read your book and write their opinions on your book’s Amazon page. Other eBook reviews are more formal, written and published by editors and other media gurus who work for a newspaper or magazine.

Often, you can get the informal eBook reviews by yourself. You can reach out to close friends and family before the book is even edited (make sure they know the copy is a raw one); however, make sure to offer them a free copy when the eBook is published and write them a thank-you note. You can post these reviews on Facebook or Twitter (make sure to give credit where credit is due!), or have your reviewers post them on Amazon,, Goodreads, Google+, Google Books, or Shelfari.

When you have published your eBook, you can reach out to professional acquaintances for reviews. You can post these reviews in the same places you would post eBook reviews written by friends and family. In addition, you can use these reviews for endorsements on press releases, flyers, and other promotional materials. When requesting these eBook reviews, make sure you give them a reasonable date by which to complete the review.

When you have the final files for your eBook, you can start approaching bloggers. You can access their review policies (some bloggers don’t review any eBooks) and contact information on their blogs. Bloggers will post eBook reviews on their own blogs, and sometimes they will also post the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Refrain from commenting on the blog review, to maintain credibility. Use your original method of communication to express your thanks immediately after they agree to review your book (NOT after they post the review).

Though you can drum up a great deal of publicity on your own, you do have some limitations. Many book reviewing outlets (such as large blogs, newspapers with a weekly or daily book review section, large magazines, online book review sites, and famous people whom you do not know personally) do not publicly publish contact information and will not work directly with authors. Sometimes, you will have access to your publisher’s contacts. In other cases, however, you won’t, and you will need the help of a publicist who can contact media outlets directly and request eBook reviews for you.

Getting eBook reviews is a crucial step in every publishing process. Reviews of your eBook will increase your book’s exposure and could inspire more people to buy a copy and find out what all the hype is about. At Publish Green, we offer a wide variety of marketing services that are designed to increase exposure for you and your eBook. Visit our Marketing Services Page to learn more!

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