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Why Professional Editing Is a Must

You’ve put countless days, months, maybe even years into writing your eBook and by this point you may just be ready to see the final product. We’re sure you’ve gone over your manuscript time and time again, but there is much to be said for passing it over to another set of eyes for review. While you can definitely ask your family and friends to look over your manuscript, remember that they tend to be less critical than professional editors. Professional editors are specifically trained to be unbiased and look out for the best intentions of you and your manuscript. In order to put out on the market the best eBook possible, you need professional editing!

A lack of professional editing can often translate into errors and typos, which can distract your reader from the essence of your book. To readers, these errors can signify amateurism and poor quality, and instead of losing themselves in the story you spent so much time writing they become bogged down by superficial errors. To avoid this, we suggest you invest some time and resources into purchasing professional editing.

Editing is constructive criticism. Yes, it will cost money and take time, but professional editing is worth it in the long run. Editing actually saves money, time, and emotional well-being because it ensures that your book will be judged for its content and its true essence, not just its sentence structure and commas.

Some things professional editing can help with include obvious corrections like spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as correcting errors made to commonly known facts. Depending on your budget and the level of professional editing you are looking to invest in, editors can also provide more in-depth edits such as developmental suggestions for nonfiction titles and characterization and plot development for fiction titles. The overall goal of professional editing is to increase the salability of your eBook by improving the quality of its content.

Publish Green offers a basic professional copyedit for our authors. To learn more, visit our eBook Editing Services page.

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