eBook Royalties

Our approach to eBook royalties is simple— authors keep 100% of the royalties. That's right, Publish Green doesn't take a cent of your royalties. Ever.

So how are royalties calculated? How much of each sale will you keep? Here are some sample calculations.


Sales on Amazon.com

$9.99 (Retail Download Price)
- $3.00 (Amazon.com fee)*
= $6.99 (Author Royalty)
Other Retailers

Sales on Most Other Online Retailers

$9.99 (Retail Download Price)
- $5.49 (Reseller fee of 55%)
= $4.50 (Author Royalty)

Sales on MyBookOrders.com

$9.99 (Retail Download Price)
- $0.45 (4.5% credit card processing fee)
= $9.54 (Author Royalty)

*Amazon.com takes a 30% trade discount (as opposed to 65%) so long as the price of the eBook falls between $2.99 and $9.99 and the author/publisher agrees not to sell it for less anywhere else. See Amazon.com for more details.

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