Timeline for ePublishing

Generally, it takes about 6-8 weeks from the time you submit your final manuscript to when your eBook becomes available for sale on resellers' websites. Here is a breakdown of each step in the process.

Upload Files and Complete Questionnaires

When you first log into your author account, you will see several items that need your attention - including steps to upload your files and to fill out the basic information that we will need to format your book. We cannot start formatting until these first few Author Tasks have been completed. The time it takes you, as the author, to complete these steps will affect your overall timeline.

Assessment and Sample Chapter Formatting – 7 Days

Once you upload your book files through your Publish Green account and fill out the necessary questionnaires, we will complete an assessment and create a Sample Chapter for you to review. The assessment gives us an exact count of all words, images, and footnotes in your book. At this time, we will charge or refund you if actual counts differ from the estimate you provided when ordering. The assessment will also determine if you have Document Complexity. See Additional Fees for more information.

When we provide your assessment, we will also provide you with a Sample Chapter. The Sample Chapter will give you a sneak peek of what your eBook will look like. You will have the opportunity to make any additional formatting requests before we go ahead and create the rest of your eBook. 

Interior Formatting – 15 Days

After you approve your Assessment and Sample Chapter, your book will be moved to Interior Formatting. Your dedicated formatter will create your eBook files within 15 business days. This is a great time to complete any remaining Author Tasks, such as filling out your distribution questionnaire.

Revisions – 5 Days

Once formatting is complete, you will be able to view your eBook and request formatting changes. Once you submit your revisions via your Publish Green account, your formatter has 5 business days to make the changes and get the new version back to you. This is true of each round of revisions. Once one round of revisions is completed, you may enter another round of revisions or approve the final formatting.

Approve Formatting

Once all of your revisions are complete, you need to approve the formatting through your Publish Green account before we can move into distribution. This is up to you, the author, to do so – we cannot put your eBook out for distribution until you have approved the final files and completed any items in your account that still need attention.


Once you approve formatting, your eBook will be ready for distribution. We submit all eBooks to their respective resellers on the final Friday of every month. Each reseller has their own timeline for how quickly they make your eBook available after we have submitted it to them. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, but we generally expect to see your eBook for sale 5-15 days after submission.

Rush Formatting

If you purchase Rush Formatting, we will assess and create a Sample Chapter for your book in 2 business days. Your files will be formatted in 7 business days from the completion of the Assessment and Sample Chapter stage. For each round of revisions, your formatter will have 2 business days to make any requested changes. Once you approve the final formatting, we will submit your eBook to Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and My Book Orders, as appropriate, within 2 business days. As with standard distribution, listing with additional resellers will occur on the final Friday of the month.

Editing – 20-30 Days

Editing services purchased through Publish Green will extend your timeline by 20-30 business days, depending on which editing package you choose. Editing will be completed before we assess or format your eBook and is not included in our 6-8 week timeline estimate.

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