Amazon Exposure Program

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What’s Included:

  • Complete Amazon author profile setup, which includes: author photo, author bio, and bibliography. Optional: email address, website link, blog rss, videos and book trailers.
  • Shelfari book listing plus 10 unique keywords to create tags for your book on Shelfari
  • Addition of your book to six existing Goodreads Listopia lists

Visibility on is an important part of your book’s success, but just having a listing doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will see it. Our Amazon Exposure Program is a strategic series of tested methods to improve the visibility of your book on Amazon.

The first step is creating an Amazon author profile which establishes your credibility within the Amazon community, providing Amazon customers easy access to your book. Visitors to your author page can read your blog or author bio, watch a book trailer, look at photos, and more, all within

Next, we'll find six existing Goodreads Listopia lists that are related to your book's subject matter, and add your book to the list. Adding your book to these lists will help readers who are interested in similar titles find your book. Since Goodreads is owned by Amazon, there will also be a direct link to your book’s Amazon page, which helps drive traffic to your ebook's Amazon page.

We also complete your book’s listing on Shelfari, which includes adding a synopsis, list of characters, a quote, table of contents, author information; we also list similar books and add a link to an external book website, if any.


What will be added to my Amazon author profile?

We can add your author biography, book reviews, author photo, book trailer, and more.

Can I change what is on my Amazon author profile after you create it?

Of course! Once we provide you with your login information, you are free to log in and make any changes you'd like, check your sales reports, add new reviews, etc.

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