Have you ever wondered why it is that readers rush out to purchase the newest releases from authors like John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks or George R.R. Martin? Two words: Author Branding. 

What is author branding? To put it simply, an author brand is the image and identity readers associate with you and your work. For example, when readers think of the authors above they think of good books, which is why there is little hesitation to purchase their latest novels. Author branding not only helps differentiate you from other authors, it helps articulate to readers the type of reading experience they can expect when they buy your eBooks.

At Publish Green, we have developed our Author Branding Package to help authors take their first steps into creating a solid author brand. This package bundles our brand building social media and online marketing services with the goal of creating a cohesive online platform for authors, while gaining exposure for their eBook.

To start things out, we create a customized Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page. Both of these pages will be created using design elements from your eBook cover as well as your author photo if you choose to provide it. Creating Facebook and Twitter pages that are uniform aids in establishing a cohesive author brand by allowing potential readers to easily identify you on these social media sites. Also included with the development of these pages is a basic subscription to Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a great social media management site that allows you to manage both Facebook and Twitter pages from one location. In addition to Hootsuite, we include two downloads (Facebook for Authors and Twitter for Authors) that provide useful tips on how to effectively use Facebook and Twitter to promote your eBook.

Next stop in the process is developing your Goodreads book and author pages. This includes adding your book to Goodreads with all the necessary book information (cover image, synopsis, website, etc.). For your Goodreads author page, we can include an author photo, about the author section, your hometown, etc. We will also verify you are the author of your eBook so you receive a “Goodreads Author” badge.

To go along with the Goodreads Page service, we will set up and manage a Goodreads Advertising campaign. This campaign includes the creation of 4-6 ads that will be displayed on Goodreads to potential readers. In order to optimize the effectiveness of these advertisements, we target them to users who we believe will be most likely to be interested in the content of your eBook. This target audience is chosen based on factors such as age, gender, preferred genre, etc. The budget for this campaign is completely up to you, so you can spend as little or as much as you’d like, and we will work with you to make sure your ads stay on budget. The Goodreads Advertising Campaign runs for one month, during which we will be actively monitoring and adjusting your ads to ensure optimum performance. At the end of the campaign we will provide you with a report of how many people clicked on your ads and added your book to their “to-read” list.

To wrap things up, we will execute our Amazon Exposure Program, which is designed to increase your eBook's visibility on Amazon. More and more people are flocking to Amazon to purchase eBooks, which is why it is incredibly important to have a strong Amazon presence. With the Amazon Exposure Program, we create an Amazon Author Central account for you, where we can include items such as your author bio, author photo, book trailer, reviews, etc. All of this information will align with the information included on your author website and social media pages. Next, we create 3 Goodreads Listopia lists that includes your eBook and other well-known books in the same genre. Amazon owns Goodreads, and on every book’s Goodreads page is a direct link to your book's Amazon page.

Establishing an author brand is not only important to help readers easily identify you and your work, it also helps set you apart from the competition. While these services are just the building blocks to get you started, we are excited to help get you on the road to establishing your author brand!

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