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What’s Included:

  • Twitter page for your book with a customized background
  • Twitter for Authors download
  • Tweetdeck Account
  • 2 rounds of design revisions

Let us set up and design your Twitter page with a completely customized background to match your book. To ensure that your feedback is incorporated into the final design, we will make two rounds of design revisions to your page. The result will be a professional Twitter page for your book. We also provide you with a unique Twitter “handle,” which is structured like this: @authorname. If your name is unavailable or does not fit, we will work with you directly to provide alternative options.

You will also receive our Twitter for Authors download, a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use Twitter to promote your book. We include examples of how other authors have used their Twitter page to increase their book exposure.

Tweetdeck is an organizational tool that can help you plan your posts for a daily, weekly, or monthly posting schedule. Tweetdeck will help you manage your Twitter feed, inbox and connections through their convenient interface. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we’ll show you how to use it!


What is a Twitter handle?

A Twitter handle is similar to a username on other websites. It also reflects the link to your twitter page. For example, the Publish Green handle is @publishgreen. You can get to our page by going to

The download included with this service, Twitter for Authors, contains additional information about the Twitter handle and its appropriate use.

What are revisions?

You will have the opportunity to request changes after we create the initial design for your Twitter page. Revisions may include color changes, image placement, text revisions, and other creative elements on the page. Since you only get two rounds of revisions, it is important to completely evaluate the page before you submit your changes. The second round of revisions is generally used to confirm the changes made fit with your vision and perhaps make very minor changes that were missed in the first round. While you can get more than two rounds of revisions to your page, there are additional charges for the extra time involved. It keeps the number of revisions and the cost of this service down for you if you can give complete feedback on your page in the first round.

How do I submit revisions?

All revision requests are to be submitted through the Author Center. As with all services offered by Publish Green, you will have the ability to review your page, ask questions, and submit your feedback directly through the Author Center. You will also be able to sign off on your revisions in the process and provide us with additional information for your page right in the Author Center.

Can Publish Green manage my author Twitter page for me?

The key to effective social media marketing is creating an authentic voice for your brand (and in this case, your book). We feel it is best if the author does the actual interaction to avoid any confusion with potential readers. The marketing download and social media planner are provided to help give you a professional edge while remaining authentic. With that said, we will work with authors to develop customized social media management solutions, but this service can be costly. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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