Digital Book Reviewer Program

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What You Get:

  • Your book available to over 88,000 reviewers, librarians, educators, media professionals, booksellers, and publishers for one month
  • Coordination and fulfillment of all media, bookstore, and library requests
  • Weekly updates on requests and review updates
  • Campaign summary report

It is no secret that technology is constantly changing the way we interact with each other, conduct business, and connect to people all over the world. For authors, it has opened up a whole new realm of ways to get their books reviewed and in the eyes of the public. We are in a new age where it is not necessary to print and ship a book to every reviewer or blogger who agrees to write a review. Say goodbye to the costly price of shipping and handling and hello to the era of “click and send” with our Digital Book Reviewer Program.

What makes this service so successful? Instead of querying individual bloggers and asking them to review your book, we put it into a database where over 88,000 reviewers, librarians, booksellers, and media professionals can see it and request a copy to read and review on their e-reader. Rather than spending the time and money to print and send out several individual copies of your book, our publicists will simply send them an electronic PDF of your book, along with the book cover image and all the book information they need.

Once your book has been added to the database it will be live for one month and requests can be made any time during this period. Reviewers will know that they have one month to download and review it, and after the month the title will be archived. Any reviewer who has downloaded your book on Kindle will be able to review it even after it is archived, so reviews may still come in after one month.

We’ve had great successes with this service, including hundreds of requests for a single book title in just a few weeks! While we can’t guarantee that every book will receive this kind of attention, it’s always a possibility. Once your book has been sent out, we will conduct a “Reviewer Check In” where we make sure that every reviewer has received the correct files and has all the information they need to complete the review. Then, once the campaign is over we will supply you with a summary report of all of the media outlets that reviewed your book. This report may also include a list of librarians and booksellers who have decided to carry your book in their store or library. You will receive all of the reviews and coverage and have the freedom to do whatever you’d like to with them to further promote your book!


Will I receive a review from every request that is made?

We will look at each request that is made and accept or reject it based on if we feel the reviewers or bloggers are a good fit for your book. Once we accept their request, the reviewer will download your title and begin reading. While they read all of the titles they download, there is no way to guarantee that every person who requests a book will decide that the book is a good fit for their personal blog, media outlet, or store and write a review.

How long will it take before I receive my review?

Reviews can come in right away, at the end of the month, or even a few months down the road. Kindle e-readers are set up so the book stays on the Kindle for as long as its owner wants it to, so reviews from Kindle readers may come in later than a month. There is not a deadline set for when people submit their reviews, but we will send you them to you as they come in, including the reviews we receive after the one month campaign is over.

Can I choose to have my book live for longer than a month?

If you choose to have your book live for another one-month campaign, it will be an additional $399. All of the original terms and conditions will apply to this new campaign, and the process will be identical.

Do I need to send you the book files?

If you published your book with Publish Green, we will provide your PDF and a JPEG book cover image. If you did not publish with us, you will have to provide a PDF version of your book, as well as a book cover image in JPEG format. You will also be responsible for providing the book’s ISBN, price, preferred name of publisher, publication date, and a book synopsis of at least 250 words.

Why should we choose you to buy this from you?

1. We handle all of the set-up for you.
2. We send you weekly reports of the number of requests and impressions, and also send reviews as they come.
3. We screen potential reviewers and know from experience which reviewers have a tendency to request many books without actually writing a review.
4. You do not need to pay us a membership fee to have access to this program or be associated with a publisher or organization.

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