Facebook Advertising Campaign

Starting At


What’s Included:

  • $200 in advertising on Facebook (actual number of clicks and fans will depend on the market for the book)
  • Ad management for the length of the initial campaign
  • 3 ad groups, each having 1-3 ads
  • Option to continue the campaign and have us manage it (for an additional fee)

Use the power of Facebook Advertising to get your book in front of potential readers on Facebook. We find your core audience on Facebook based on age, location and profile interests.

The benefit of Facebook is how targeted the advertising is. Facebook allows us to serve advertising to users with specific profile interests so that we can make sure that your book gets in front of the people most likely to take action.

After finding the perfect audience for your book, we will write specific ads for your book. These ads will be visible only to potential readers that we have determined to be a good fit for your book. Each time someone clicks on your ad, an advertising fee is incurred. The first $200 worth of advertising is included in this service.

After the $200 worth of advertising has been spent, we can manage the account for a monthly fee. 

While it is recommended to keep the traffic within Facebook, you do have the alternative option to have the advertising redirect to your website instead. This is a good option for authors who want to generate buzz for their book using targeted Facebook traffic but do not wish to engage with their customers directly via social networks.


Where will my Facebook advertisements show up?

Facebook advertising shows up on the right-hand side of a Facebook page. Facebook only shows your ads to people that fall into the criteria that our Facebook Advertising Team deems appropriate.

How will I know how my ads are performing?

At the end of each month, a report will be generated and sent to you. There you will see how much was spent, how many people clicked on your ads and who is interacting with your page.

How many people can I expect to get for my page?

The number will vary widely depending on the market for the book. It is typical to pay between .50 cents and $2.00 for every click, but that does not necessarily mean that a click will turn into a fan for your page or a book sale. We do everything in our power to get you the lowest possible cost-per-click by watching your campaign and making appropriate adjustments as needed.

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