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What’s Included:

  • Custom-designed Facebook author page for your book
  • Facebook for Authors download
  • Social media planning template
  • 2 rounds of page revisions

You’ve heard of Facebook as a great place for keeping in touch with friends and playing games like Farmville, but how can you use it to market book? The truth is that there are many effective ways to use Facebook from a business perspective and the key is the difference between a personal and professional page. Unlike a personal Facebook page, a professional page allows you to create an environment where people interested in the topics contained in your book can connect with you. Developing a Facebook author page is the first step in building an online social media presence for your book. You will be able to announce book signings, link to your book’s sales page and interact directly with your fans.

Here at Publish Green our social media experts can craft your page to appeal to social media users. This service does all of the work to get you set up, organized and managing a professional social media presence for your book.

First we create the unique design that we upload to your Facebook page. We use your book cover, author photo and biography to create a professional looking page for your book. You get two rounds of revisions to make sure that we have the chance to incorporate your feedback into the design.

We also give you a copy of Facebook for Authors, a download we developed to explain how to get the most out of your Facebook page. You will find useful tips for using your page, making updates, finding your audience, and effectively marketing books using Facebook.

Included with the Facebook Author page is a social media planning tool that will help organize your Facebook posts. This planner allows you to schedule your posts so you can easily engage with your fans on a regular basis. Spending a little time at the beginning of each week planning out what you will share with your followers can help you stay organized and active on Facebook.

NOTE: We suggest that all authors sign up for a personal Facebook account during this process, as the Facebook author page is first created in our account, but we eventually need to transfer the administration of the page to you. If you already have a personal account you can manage your Facebook page from that account as well. Remember, you just need a Facebook account; you don’t have to have a public-facing personal profile. The sign up process takes about 2 minutes and can be done here:

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What is the difference between a Facebook Account and a Facebook Page?

When you sign up at you have a Facebook account. Your login will be your email address and you will need to create a password during the sign-up process. Most people use this “account” as a personal or professional place to manage a public profile. There can only be one account for each email address.

Alternatively, a Facebook Page is a public page about an author, business, celebrity, product or cause. You need to have a Facebook account in order to create a Facebook page. Through your Facebook account you are able to create and manage multiple Facebook pages. Your Facebook account serves as an admin system where you can see all of your pages and make changes to them. We require you to have a Facebook account so that we can give you the ability to edit and manage your page, however this Facebook account does not have to be public-facing.

What are revisions?

After we create the initial design for your Facebook Author page you have the ability to request changes to the design. This may include color changes, image placement, text revisions and other creative elements on the page. Since you only get two rounds of revisions, it is important to completely evaluate the page before you submit your first round of revisions. The second round of revisions is generally used to confirm the changes made and perhaps make very minor changes that were missed in the first round. If you wish to do more than two rounds of revisions to your page, there will be additional fees for the extra time involved. We try to help keep the rounds of revisions, and effectively, the cost of this service, down for you.

How do I submit revisions?

All revision requests are to be submitted through the Author Center. Like all of the services on Publish Green you will have the ability to review your page, ask questions, and submit your feedback directly through the admin. You will also be able to sign off on and provide us additional information for your page right in the admin.

Can Publish Green manage my author Facebook Page for me?

Since the key to being effective in social media is creating an authentic voice for your brand, we feel it is best if the author does the actual interaction on the page. The marketing download and social media planning template are provided to help give you a professional edge while remaining authentic. With that said, we do custom quotes for authors who want a more hands off experience with social media. Contact us for details.

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