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What’s Included:

  • Development of your Goodreads book page
  • Development of your Goodreads author page
  • Author verification for Goodreads Author Program

As an author, you want to establish your presence where the readers are, and in the social media world this means you want to be on Goodreads. Goodreads currently has over 30 million members and that number is increasing daily. Readers are using Goodreads to find great new books, rate and review books they’ve read, recommend books to others and much more. For authors, Goodreads is an ideal place to connect with readers, receive reviews and promote your work.

At Publish Green, our Goodreads Page service handles all of the set up for your Goodreads book Page and your Goodreads author page. With this service we will develop a Goodreads page for your eBook by adding your title to Goodreads with all the necessary information including the synopsis, eBook cover, author website, publication date, etc.

Also included in this service is the development of your Goodreads author page. On this page you can include as little or as much information about yourself as you’d like. Keep in mind that the more you include about yourself, the more you allow your readers to get to know you, which can help increase the reader-author bond. Some of the information you can include on your Goodreads author page is:

  • About the author
  • Author influences
  • Favorite quotes
  • Books you have read, are reading, or want to read
  • Book genre

During the creation of your Goodreads author page, we will confirm with Goodreads that you are the author of your eBook. Once Goodreads has verified you are the author, they will add a “Goodreads Author” badge to your author page. Readers like to know that authors of the books they like are active in the same communities they are, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with them on a more personal level.

After your Goodreads book and author pages are set up you are free to take control, interact with readers, or even advertise your book on Goodreads! If you’re interested in learning more about advertising on Goodreads, visit our Goodreads Advertising Page.


What information should I add in “About the Author?”

Since this will be your personal Goodreads page, you are free to include whatever information you’re comfortable sharing! Many authors choose to use the information from their author bio that will be included on retail sites such as, but if you’d like to include more or less that is perfectly fine as well.

What if there is some information about myself I’d like to share, but some I’d like to keep private?

Before we begin creating your Goodreads book and author pages, we will ask you to complete our Goodreads Questionnaire. In the questionnaire we will list all the things that you can include on your Goodreads author page. You can fill out the things you would like to include, and leave the things you’d like to omit blank. The only thing we do require you to include is your author biography.

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