Customized Twitter® Page Terms

This Agreement is between the Customer and the marketing and public relations division of Hillcrest Media Group, Inc., 322 First Avenue N, Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (“Hillcrest”). Hillcrest marketing and public relations divisions includes those in PublicEye, Mill City Press, Publish Green, and This Agreement covers the parties’ respective obligations regarding the implementation of the Customized Twitter® Page Program(“Service”).

I. Definitions

“Customized Themed Background” means that your Twitter page will have a background image that incorporates the look and feel of your book cover.

“Customized Themed Header Image” means that your Twitter page will have a header image that incorporates the look and feel of your book cover.

“Page Revisions” are when parts of the Twitter page are edited or altered. The only types of revisions available are to the text and design elements within the background image or header image. Twitter only allows changes to certain elements on a page and we are only able to edit content as allowed by Twitter.

“Twitter Account” is a registration with Hillcrest will set up a Twitter account for Customer if Customer does not already have one and/or if Customer wants to use a separate account for his/her Twitter page provided via this service. Customer acknowledges that after the Twitter page is set up and launched, Customer is responsible for maintaining the account and providing any content, aka Tweets (140 character messages).

“Twitter for Authors” is a download made available to the Customer via the Hillcrest Customer Center. It is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use Twitter to promote your book.

“Social Media Planning Template” is an organizational tool in the form of a spreadsheet that allows the Customer to develop a social media posting schedule. This is provided to Customer to assist the Customer in planning their social media efforts and does not provide specific advice to an Customer regarding posts related to the Customer’s book subject.

“Upload Date” is the date on which the Customer uploads and/or approves his/her final bio, book cover and book synopsis on the Hillcrest Customer Center.

II. Cost of Service and Features

This service costs $299 and includes the following:

  • Twitter Page Set Up with Stylized Background and Header Image

  • Twitter for Customers download

  • Social Media Planner

  • 2 Rounds of Page Revisions

Once this service is commenced, there are no refunds. “Commencement Service” is when the Customer approves their final bio, book cover and book synopsis at which point Hillcrest starts creating the Twitter page.

III. Timeline

The first draft of the Twitter page will be completed within 10 business days from the Upload Date. Hillcrest shall have five business days to work on each round of revisions submitted by Customer.

If Customer desires any other changes to the Twitter page after the two rounds of revisions, Customer shall pay $90.00 (ninety dollars) per hour, with a $45 minimum charge (forty-five dollars) for thirty (30) minutes. Such revisions will be completed within 10 business days from the date of payment by Customer.

Customer acknowledges that he/she is free to hire anyone to make changes to Customer’s Twitter page and is not required to pay Hillcrest to make changes. Hillcrest is not responsible for, and will not technically support, any changes made by Customer once Twitter page is live, unless Hillcrest has specifically been hired to make such changes.

IV. Copyright To Twitter Content / Twitter Terms

Anything Hillcrest creates for the Customer’s Twitter page are owned by the Customer, to the extent they don’t conflict with any terms or conditions for the use of Twitter. Customer acknowledges by purchasing this service from Hillcrest, Customer is consenting to all terms and conditions of for the creation and use of a Twitter account.

Customer further acknowledges that there is no guarantee that Customer will like the Twitter page developed by Hillcrest despite Hillcrest's best efforts. While Hillcrest will attempt to create a Twitter page that fulfills the Customer's vision, the Customer acknowledges that his/her dissatisfaction with any creative element is not grounds for any refund.