Book Trailer Terms

This Agreement is between the Customer and the marketing and public relations division of Hillcrest Media Group, Inc., 322 First Avenue N, Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (“Hillcrest”). Hillcrest marketing and public relations divisions includes those in PublicEye, Mill City Press, Publish Green, and BPR Group. This Agreement covers the parties’ respective obligations regarding the implementation of the Book Trailer Program(“Service”).

These terms and conditions incorporate the General Terms and Conditions for Additional Services offered by Hillcrest Media Group.

Within 15 days of Customer completing and submitting the book trailer questionnaire, MCP will begin creation of a rough cut the book trailer. Customer acknowledges that once MCP has begun creation of the book trailer, there are no refunds for the book trailer as a considerable number of hours will have already been spent on Customer’s behalf. “Creation of the Book Trailer” includes discussing the completed questionnaire with Customer via phone or email.

Customer further acknowledges that there is no guarantee that Customer will like book trailer concept developed by MCP despite MCP's best efforts. While MCP will attempt to create a book trailer that fulfills Customer's vision, Customer acknowledges that his/her dissatisfaction with any creative element is not grounds for any refund.

Within 15 days from submission of a completed questionnaire from the Customer, MCP will create a rough cut of the book trailer based on the ideas and concepts specified in the questionnaire. Upon completion, the rough cut will be sent to Customer for review. MCP will then make any reasonable revisions to the rough cut of the book preview. “Reasonable Revisions” are tweaks to content or image placement, but do not include drastic changes or concept revisions.

Customer will then be sent a final cut for approval before distribution begins.

MCP will make its best effort to complete the Customer’s book trailer within 15 business days after the Customer approves the rough cut of the book trailer.

Customer recognizes that input from Customer is required and will ultimately determine the time frame of the book trailer’s completion. Customer must approve the rough cut of the book trailer before a final cut will be created, and the final cut must be approved before the video is distributed.

Once the final cut is approved, any additional changes to the design will be billed at $90 per hour.

Additional features to a book trailer such as, extending the length of the video beyond 2 minutes, posting the video to additional places not included in standard distribution detailed below or other additions not specifically set forth in these terms will incur additional fees which Customer must agree to in writing before any additional work will begin.

Included with the book preview service are the following:

  • Video Trailer. A 1-2 minute long video consisting of still images, stock video text and sound. Images and video will be either provided by the Customer or found by MCP and paid for by the Customer. Text will be provided by the Customer to be used at MCP’s discretion. Sounds and music will either be provided by the Customer or found by MCP and paid for by the Customer if the Customer approves the licensing fees.
  • Distribution of the book trailer. The book trailer will be posted on under either the Hillcrest Media Group or Mill City Press YouTube channels. The book trailer will also be posted to the Customer’s website, Customer page if one exists at the time of distribution and Facebook page if one exists at the time of distribution.
  • Trailer Video Owned by Customer. After distribution is complete, the book trailer becomes property of the Customer and Customer will be sent the original source files.