eBook Front Cover Design

Once Customer logs in to the Hillcrest Author Center and completes the pre-cover design questionnaire, book cover design questionnaire, and uploads any images for the front cover, Hillcrest shall assign a book cover designer who will create two (2) original book cover concepts within seven to ten (7-10) business days. Upon upload, Hillcrest reviews cover design concepts to ensure that they adhere to industry standards and comply with Customer’s requests (per the cover design questionnaire). If Hillcrest approves the cover concepts, they will be sent to Customer for review. If Hillcrest rejects the cover concepts (i.e., concepts fail moderation), Hillcrest will notify Customer. Customer acknowledges that, should the cover concepts fail moderation, Hillcrest has two (2) additional business days to upload the revised concepts.

Customer may include photos and other images for use in Customer’s book cover design. If Customer submits photos/images to Hillcrest, Customer acknowledges that he/she owns the rights to said images. If Customer doesn’t provide photo(s)/image(s), Hillcrest’s cover designers, in order to create the most compelling cover concepts, may select a photo/image that requires a one-time licensing fee for unlimited and continuous use by Customer. Most unlimited licensing fees are $50.00, some may be slightly higher. If Customer declines to pay the licensing fee, the designer will create another cover concept that does not contain photos/images that require a licensing fee.

Once the two book cover concepts are completed, they will be provided to Customer through the Hillcrest Author Center for Customer’s review. Customer acknowledges that the cover design process cannot proceed until such time as Customer approves one concept. Once Customer selects one of the cover concepts, Customer shall have the opportunity to make suggested revisions to the cover. Customer acknowledges that he/she must submit all revisions through the Hillcrest Author Center in the format specified therein. Each publishing package includes up to five (5) rounds of revisions. Each round of revisions consists of five (5) changes. Each round of revisions may take up to five to seven (5-7) business days.

If Customer has any photos or artwork to be used on the cover, Customer warrants that he/she has the unequivocal right, title, and interest in said photos or artwork to place said photos/artwork on the Book's cover.

Hillcrest uses its best efforts to create a professional book cover based on Customer’s answers to the book cover design questionnaire. If Customer does not like either cover concept, Customer, at his/her expense, may hire his/her own cover designer or pay Hillcrest an additional $100.00 (one hundred dollars) for one (1) additional cover concept by a different designer. Customer acknowledges that Hillcrest can make no guarantees that he/she will like the cover concepts presented.

After Customer approves the final front cover design, and/or after the third round of revisions to the chosen cover concept, any future changes to the cover design before Customer approves the electronic proof copy of the Book will be billed per round. Each additional round of revisions includes five (5) changes, and costs $100.00 (one hundred dollars). Additional rounds of revisions can take five to seven (5-7) business days per round.

If Customer wishes to make more extensive changes to the cover (e.g., change images, colors, make editorial changes to the text, etc.) Customer acknowledges that the fee is $50.00 (fifty dollars) per hour, with a minimum $50.00 fee.

Customer acknowledges that Hillcrest cannot consider the eBook file to be "complete" under a final cover design has been approved by the Customer. At that point, Hillcrest will embed the approved cover design in the eBook file and Customer will be responsible for approving the entire eBook file.