Goodreads® Page

This agreement is made between Hillcrest Media Group, Inc. (“Hillcrest”) and the copyright holder of said book, assignee thereof, or anyone authorized to execute this Agreement ("Customer").

I. Definitions

“Goodreads Page” is a page on Goodreads dedicated to a Customer’s book. The Goodreads page is managed through a Goodreads Account.

“Goodreads Account” is a registration with Hillcrest will set up a Goodreads Account for Customer if Customer does not already have one. Customer acknowledges that after the Goodreads page is set up and launched, Customer is responsible for maintaining the account and providing any content.

“Goodreads Profile Questionnaire” is the questionnaire that Customer must fill out prior to service commencement.

“About the Author” is a page on Goodreads dedicated to Customer’s author information. This information can include, author bio, author photo, gender, place of birth, etc.

“Goodreads Author Program” is a feature on Goodreads that verifies user is the author of the book listed. Once verified, Goodreads will add an Author Badge to Customer’s Goodreads page.

II. Service Features

This service includes the following:

  • Development of Customer's book's Goodreads page
  • Development of Customer's About the Author page
  • Goodreads Author Program Sign Up
  • Addition of Customer’s book to six existing Goodreads Listopia lists

Hillcrest will set up a temporary email acccount so an author account on can be created. Once Hillcrest verifies Customer’s Book on, will send an email to temporary email account within 1-3 business days. Before Hillcrest begins execution of Service, Customer must complete the Goodreads Profile Questionnaire.

Hillcrest will add Customer’s book to six (6) Goodreads Listopia lists specifically related to Customer’s book to help readers find it based on their reading interests.

Customer understands that he/she must provide book cover image, book description, book information to Hillcrest. By accepting these terms, Customer gives Hillcrest permission to include book cover image, book description, and book information (i.e. page length, weight, publication date, etc.).

Customer will be given the Goodreads account login information after the profile set up is complete. If Customer has purchased Hillcrest’s Goodreads Advertising service, Customer shall be given the account login information once the advertising program is complete. At such time, any updates and changes to the Goodreads page and Customer’s author profile are the sole responsibility of the Customer and are not covered by the terms of this service.

III. Copyright To Goodreads Page Content / Goodreads Terms

Anything Hillcrest creates for the Goodreads Profile service is owned by the Customer, to the extent they don’t conflict with any terms or conditions for the use of Goodreads. Customer acknowledges by purchasing this service from Hillcrest, Customer is consenting to all terms and conditions of Goodreads for the creation and use of a Goodreads page.

Customer further acknowledges that there is no guarantee that Customer will like the Goodreads page developed by Hillcrest despite Hillcrest's best efforts. Customer acknowledges that his/her dissatisfaction with any creative element is not grounds for any refund.

Customer acknowledges that Hillcrest has no control over Goodreads’s business decisions to change any aspects of their site and/or the services they offer. If any Goodreads makes any change that affect this service, Hillcrest will provide Customer with comparable alternative.

Once this service hais commenced, there are no refunds. “Commencement of Service” is when Customer completes Goodreads Profile Questionnaire.